Sova System of educational process management

Distance learning is a modern method of education in which classes are held remotely.

The program of such education is no different from that used in internal and external training.

The main reason for the popularity of distance learning worldwide is a savings of time and money.

Distance learning at a fraction of full - time- College is not necessary to provide a student audience with the necessary equipment.

To apply modern technologies in education is easy and affordable.

With the Sova program You can open the faculty of distance learning in just one day.

Module of the electronic journal - practical and easy to use and most important prepodavateli and students have access to the system 24/7.

The system provides the ability to create logs of various types of School magazines, a Linear learning system, Credit system.

Also in the system, you can create additional types of logs with such settings as: ratings of admission to the session, the maximum score, setting the percentage weights of evaluations, setting of tests.

In the system Sova do everything to optimize the learning process and make it more practical and transparent.

Online testing will help to modernize the system of testing students ʻ knowledge and to facilitate the work of the teacher.

Loaded in the software tests can be reused. With tests You can carry out interim and mid-term examination, to take examinations.

Tests can be attached to the working program of the discipline and conducted according to the schedule, and the resulting evaluation be posted automatically to electronic journal.

Online testing - a way of testing students ʻ knowledge in which with a minimum of time, the teacher can objectively assess the studentʻs knowledge.




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